Skellerup Gumboots

360 SureGrip Sole

Following on from the success of the original Quatro Gumboot, Skellerup broadened their market base by introducing a safety work boot version.  As a working boot it incorporated a steel cap and a completely new outsole design.

The outsole needed to provide traction on the typical muddy gravel and broken terrain found on work sites.  The three sided hooked cleats on the ball and in the heel centre are designed to provide good resistance to rotational twisting, giving wearers the ability to make safer and more sure-footed changes in direction.  The remaining features are designed to give good grip on steps and ladder rungs, with additional wedged anti-skid features at the heel and toe.

360 SureGrip Sole

A rendering of the 360 SureGrip sole.

Quatro Safety Knee

Quatro Safety Boot, knee length.

More information on the gumboot project can be found here