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PushIt Broom

The Push-It range has now been in continuous production since 1997 and has helped the client retain and grow market share against strong Asian competition.

14DIY PushIt Broom1

14″ DIY PushIt Broom

Caltex Cleaner Cropped

The PushIt Broom was used by Caltex
to promote their Techron brand.

Nine years after it’s introduction, the Push-It broom was selected by Caltex to use as a prop in a global campaign for Techron fuel additives and oil products.

Caltex Singapore undertook an extensive international search for brooms and actually undertook broom auditions before making their choice.  The Push-It broom was chosen as the best design to align with the clean high-tech performance positioning of the Techron brand.

More information on the broom project can be found here