Gold Medal Winner – NZ Flower & Garden Show 2017

LoooP Gardens is delighted to announce they have received a Gold Medal Award from the 2017 New Zealand Flower and Garden Show for their design of the Auckland Bonsai Society exhibit in the Balcony Gardens Section.  We would like to thank the wonderful volunteer team for their support and dedication.  […]

AguaPallet Project

AguaPallet design files released open source. It’s taken a year of design work and refinement, but we’re pleased to say that the AP5 version of the AguaPallet is now finally released for download!  As in the past, the AguaPallet files are made available under a Creative Commons License.  Downloading of […]

Skellerup Gumboots

360 SureGrip Sole Following on from the success of the original Quatro Gumboot, Skellerup broadened their market base by introducing a safety work boot version.  As a working boot it incorporated a steel cap and a completely new outsole design. The outsole needed to provide traction on the typical muddy […]

Ellerslie Flower Show 2012

Christchurch International Airport Exhibit More information about the design and construction of this exhibit can be seen here

Browns Brushware

PushIt Broom The Push-It range has now been in continuous production since 1997 and has helped the client retain and grow market share against strong Asian competition. Nine years after it’s introduction, the Push-It broom was selected by Caltex to use as a prop in a global campaign for Techron […]